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Letter from F. M. Callen 2 March 1927

Here is some context: Francis Marion (F. M.) Callen was born 29 December 1879, the third son of George W. and Margaret Callen. He married Nettie Sublett, probably in late 1909, and their only child, Velma, was born 5 August 1910. "Brother-Wife & Family" are John, Nina, Bessie, George, Frank, and Tom Callen who were living in Westmond, Idaho.-ed
Velma Beatrice Callen
Co Bluffs, Iowa
March 2-1927

Dear Brother-Wife & Family

I will try a write you few lines to let you know we are. We are all pretty well except Velma. She is in the Hospital now but is felling much better now, She had a very bad opperation She had a bursted blood vessel on the inside close to appendix; She started with a toutch of the appendicitis She was getting better and ate a little to much and started to through up and burst a blood vessel and would of been gone if we had not got her to the hospital when we did.

Velma has been feeling bad all summer and winter and been taking medicine and I hope now she will be better.

I have been layed off from work since the 20th of November but have a few day since and this comming had made it pretty tough but if we can save Velma I don't care for that we will get by some way.

If we had of lost Velma I think I would of been alone in the world as I don't believe Net could of stood it She is very nervous any how.

It seems that Lees folks and us have had it pretty tough this year Grace has the mumps and her little boy has got the measles otherwise we are all pretty well.

Well I will slose hoping the these few lines will find you folks all well and doing well

love to the children

From you brother & Uncle

F. M. Callen
2313 South 6 Street
Co Bluffs

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Jeanne said...

Love these old letters, and have a few of them myself. Found several in an old family bible. What a treasure, and my, how things have changed.