Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Letter from Uncle George 13 September 1943

This is written on stationery from the Desert Training Center, California-ed.
George William Callen

P.F.C. George Callen
Co. A. 607 T. D. Bn.
U. S. Army A. P. O. # 185
c/o Postmaster
Los Angeles California

Mr. John W. Callen
Sagle, Idaho

Dear folks,

I'll try to write a little, to let you know I got here alright. I was a little late, but guess I'll be excused. I arrived in Las Vegas about 1:15 Saturday morning. The bus had just left, and the next one left at 9:00 o'clock that night, so I decided not to wait for it.

I hitch hiked to camp, left Las Vegas about 9:30, and got into camp about noon.

My Co. left on maneuvers before I got back, so I am with the 815 T. D.s now until they decide to come, and take me out on maneuvers. If I had known that I think I would have taken a little longer furlough.

There are only a few men left here to guard. I would suit me fine if I could stay here too, but I don't think I will. I'll probably be sent out on maneuvers.

I am sending a card I got at Butte I didn't travel that road. The mountain is about 10,000 feet in elevation, and there is snow about 12 feet deep in places.

I can't think of anything to write so, will close for this time. Please write soon? [sic] I am as ever your loving son George.

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