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Letter from F. M. Callen 2 April 1917

F. M. (Francis Marion), J. W. (John William), and Robert (Harman) Callen were brothers. "Father" was George Willam Callen. The photo below shows George, his wife Margaret Ellen (Harp), and two of the brothers in front of their half dug-out house in Oklahoma circa 1910.-ed
Father's Place in Trail Oklahoma

After 10 days, return to
F. M. Callen
Trail, Okla.

J. W. Callen

Dear sir I will write you a few lines to let you know what we are doing in regards to your place. the loan Co. has started foreclosing but I had it stoped for awhile and now they have release [sic] the suit and the money will be here in a few days and I think you will get your money in about 2 or 3 week. I think you have been very patient not knowing how things were but you don't know how slow the loan Co. has been I think there has someone been meddling some in the matter but I hope they have stoped.

Well I would like to know how much is the least dollar you would take for your interest in father place and ask Robert how much he will take the price is cash the place was appraised at $1800.00. Now if I can satisfy you in a division so I could get to keep my part I will take 25 acres in the middle so I can have the house and barn but I will if the place will not bring as much according sell mine.

I would like if you could let me have $64.76 so I can pay the interest on father place and I will pay you this fall. or when we sell the place. or if I sell my place.

Will I will close for this time.

Yours as ever
FM Callen

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